Lauren Drain banished from Westboro Baptist Church!

When in a cult, don’t ask too many questions about their bizare beliefs and practices … or your own family will eject you. Lauren Drain’s father married into the Westboro Baptist church when she was 15, when she began to question the hatred spew of the WBC, her own father told her she had been banished. holds this Church in extreme contempt of God’s true purposes, they are banished from existing, done, gone … Fred Phelps rot in hell dude!

The interview below includes a discussion with Lauren Drain’s father at the 6:30 mark, Steve Drain, at the 10:00 mark he talks about ejecting his daughter Lauren from their cult. At 15:00 they interview Lauren, she explains how her father evolved from a liberal Rock Band member to an off the cliff right wing crazy cultist …also in this interview they talk to some of the children still being held captive by crazy WBC parent cult members, insightful view of the damage done to the minds of these poor children. In God’s eye, this is child abuse at the highest level … now that cult founder Fred Philps is Dead, someone save these kids, please!

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