Arizona Relgious Freedom hate mongering

In Arizona, professed doctrines of religious belief are superior to the law of the land, and permit every citizen to become a law maker unto himself … cite a Bible verse, and interpret a new law that takes precedent over mortal laws of man! Religious Liberty applies to beliefs, not to practices that are illegal. Religion will NEVER define laws in this country,  get over it GodFuckers. Religious Liberty and Separation of Church & State go together. These attempts at legislating religion undermine Separation of Church & State … a path to ultimately loosing Religious Liberties, this is the path that Arizonians favor.  Arizona state senator and GodFucker Al Melvin explains how Religious Freedom is under attack and that requires discriminating against Gay people to thwart the attack, as AZ continues to legislate sexual orientation under the guise of religious freedom …. who puts these sick demented people in political office, “may your Lord strike your dumb ass down”  Common Sense Verses 1:23 This is Dominionist demagoguery at its worst and people need to make it go away.

Religious Freedom allows a person to practice any religion they wish to, and the first ammendment allows one to stand on a street corner ranting Bible verses … but no rights exist for religious beliefs to define laws, and especially so when these laws being pushed forward spew evil hatred. Freedom to pick a religion, and act like a fool in public, but no, you don’t have a right to harm others, only your stupid self. Keep your deluded brain at home behind closed doors!

the stupidity of hatred will be banned, God hath spoken!

a true man of GOD!!!

Popping eyeballs for Allah!

Muslim Sufi know true religion

Muslim Sufi exemplify the delusional insanity associated with religion, in what World could this be normal behavior? Ajmer, India:  Sufi Muslims self-flagellate themselves by plucking out their eyeballs in celebration of Mohammad’s grandson being killed in a religious war in 680 AD … it’s not even worth explaining why, LOL! In Muslim cultures, mentally ill people have a place in every day activities, no medication or treatment is necessary.

Maybe they cook them on the grill as part of this ceremony?


Aliens visited Mohammad – PROOF!!!

The Burqa sisters from planet Hijab

The Quran has no requirement that women cover themselves like this. It has been claimed that Alien space suits inspired this stylish look. Just as Joseph Smith (Mormonism) and L Ron Hubbard (Scientology) met with Aliens who told him the true secrets of God and religion … it would be foolish to believe that the great prophet Mohammad wouldn’t have received equal treatment. Mohammad loved the look of Alien spacesuits to much that he started dressing all his wives in spacesuits of his own Allah inspired designs. Yes, none of this is mentioned in the Quran, why? … because the Aliens who visited Mohammad were female, the leaders of their species. Mohammad quickly realized that he could keep this a secret and continue male subjugation of women by covering them up in his homemade spacesuits, thus removing their identities & self esteem, while convincing the female Aliens that he worshiped them.Mohammad decided it would be ok for his wives to be seen by other men if they were blind or gay. This backfired, because straight men started showing up at Mohammads house, pretending to be gay. Those men starting hitting

This is Niqab from the planet Hijab

on his wives. This is why the Quran requires executing gays, sad but true.

The Winner of the 2014 Darwin Award is…

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The Bible is Stuffed with JUNK – Pat Robertson slams Creationism

Pat Robertson hates Creationism

God approves these sensible statements from Pat Robertson!

Finally, a leading Christian figure has the balls to question the content of the Bible. Pat Robertson points out that Creationists literal interpretation of the Bible, following the same interpretations of Bishop Archer that the World and Universe is only 6,000 years old, is “just off” and that believing this is true makes “fools of us (Christians)”.

Of course, later, Ken Ham Rebuked Pat Robertson. Ken Ham, CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, took offense to. “Not only do we have to work hard to not let our kids be led astray by the anti-God teaching of the secularists, we have to work hard to not let them be led astray by compromising church leaders like Pat Robertson,” Ham said. Oh, those un-Godly “Secularists”, they are such vile people, toss some fire and brim stone at them, LOL!!! Ham’s uncompromising, literal reading of the Bible is what creates his perceptions of the World around him .. unfortunately that is NOT the same World the rest of us are living in, wake up Ken Ham, you’re a sick deluded man.

So, what is the truth? …. the accepted & peer reviewed scientific age of the Earth is 4.54 ± 0.05 billion years, based on several measurement methods, such as  Radiometric Dating, DNA molecular divergence clock models, luminosity of our Sun compared to other stars, etc…  Creationists love to focus only on radiometric dating of earth rocks and babble about plate tectonics affecting accuracy, but that doesn’t  apply to radiometric dating of meteorites (Canyon Diablo meteorite) and lunar rocks … which point to the accepted scientific earth age above. Secular “scientists” don’t care if the earth is 4 billion or 6 thousand years old, they only want to know how old the earth is, science has no anti-Bible agenda. Creationists always try to prove their position by discrediting the scientific community, instead they should prove the Bible babble assertion that the earth is 6,000 years old, have that proof subjected to scientific peer review, followed by publication in the most respected scientific journals in the World today … then even the atheists will believe it … is it any wonder why no Creationists try this, could it be fear of failure?

If the Word of God is always true, then not all words in the Bible are Words of God …most Christians today do not believe the Bible is 100% true literal Words of God, believers must find the true meaning within those Words or accept that some non-Godly Words were inserted in there.

Humorous typical YouTube responses, first poster makes an intelligent comment about the video, then a religious deluded nut responds with a “cant see the forest through the trees” comment, lost in his own deluded thoughts:

Intelligent YT Poster:
Ken Ham attacks science that conflicts with the 6000yr old earth claim, but never provides evidence it is only 6000yrs old. Pat knows the deal like most, some words in the bible are not from God, some is just nonsense, stories, junk… God will even tell you if you ask, try it.

Reply from deluded religious nut job, MeInTheCornfield1:
WHICH “words in the Bible are not from God”?
How do you know which ones are and which ones aren’t?

Intelligent YT Poster:
thought that was obvious, the 6000 year old earth deal, and we could add the Noah World flood of total destruction story which supposedly occurred during a well documented period of Chinese history….etc… your GOD isn’t a liar, .. so you draw the obvious conclusion, just as Pat Robertson did in this video, someone has stuffed junk into that Bible. How do you know which ones are and aren’t the words of God, if you believe in your prayers being answered, just ask. If you wish to, believe in and trust your God, not books published and written by people of unknown agendas and questionable revelation. Most Christians do not believe the entire Bible is true or is the 100% the word of God … if you do and you are unconvinced otherwise, it is your right to do so, but don’t be slamming someone else’s point of view. There is a difference between knowing the Bible and swallowing it hook line and sinker. A book written by someone else can create your perceptions of God and the surrounding World, or your perceptions of the surrounding World can show you God … take your pick which way to go and which is the path of deluded fools.

Pedophile Religion Ranking – Muslims are #1 !!!!!

Google Science at it’s best, Google search hits rank Pediphile tendancies of popular religions … note: each search was preceded by a prayer to the appropriate God of each Religion. Allah has spoken, the big lover of young children! And surprisingly, Catholic’s are near the bottom of the list, uhmmmm? … and Buddha can be trusted with your children!

Muslim Pedophiles video Google search About 1,750,000 results
Cult pedophiles video Google search About 646,000 results
Hindu pedophiles video Google search About 443,000 results
Baptist pedophiles About 341,000 results
Christian pedophiles video Google search About 270,000 results
Jewish pedophiles video Google search About 167,000 results
Catholic pedophiles video Google search About 112,ooo results results
Presbyterian pedophiles video Google search About 61,300 results
Buddist pedophiles video Google search About 599 results

Muhammad married Aisha at age six, started the raping at age 9, a wonderful Muslim love story!

Just listen to this sick sad Allah mother fucker Muslim, appearently it’s both their religion and culture to be Pedophiles and Polygamists. As he says, the Prophet Mohammad is their pedophile model they follow. It’s no wonder Muslim women want to wear bags over their heads & bodies to de-sexualize themselves … of course, doing so leaves these bearded pediofiles chasing un-bagged little girls and boys around. A vicious self perpetuating circle of pedophilic immorality.

Which of these religions would be best aligned with God? … probably not your religion, think about that when you send your little tike off to Sunday school this weekend.

…and let’s keep this a balanced discussion with a multi religion view … a Christian Polygamist viewpoint:

OK, but hey, how do these religious pedophile tendencies compare to the known offenders… lets see:

Clown pedophiles video Google search About 2,210,000 results (yes, Clowns are scary)
Boy Scouts pedophiles video Google search About 148,000 results
Santa pedophiles video Google search About 87,200 results
White Van pedophiles video Google search About 8,800 results

Well, no one religion is going to compare to the traditional Clown pedophile, unless we combine all religions together. Really, what man wants to be a Clown in their spare time, LOL … right, you know the answer. Hey, what about Muslim Clowns!

Muslim Clown pedophiles video Google search About 170,000 results … well nothing to sneeze at, but certainly not an additive situation, evidently there aren’t many Clowns in Mecca, contrary to popular belief.

So, keep your kids out of Sunday School, away from long bearded Muslims, and far away from Clowns.

Extra Creepy… don’t let one of these dudes krinkle near your kids!

The Religious Horror Show

Don't abuse a Priest!

In Texas, by law, dead women are used as baby making machines

This foul law came about because Texas legislators wanted to control a woman’s choice….even if she was dead. Such stupid obscene laws and twisted logic that can justify turning a corpse into a baby making machine … all come from obsessed religious extremists who need to control others in an attempt to satisfy their compulsions. In some states these people have run amok and actually made laws, very very bad.

Luckly not all of Texas is brain dead as the law makers there. A judge today ordered a Texas hospital to remove a brain-dead pregnant woman from life support.

Marlise Munoz’s wife died several months before, but Texas law required mutilating her body to add feeding and respiratory tubes to convert her legally dead body into a baby making machine. Could anything be more obscene and ungodly? .. religion at its best!

Life is not Sacred, Kill for God

George Carlin’s routine later in life was more of a political social agenda, … age does make one wiser and more confident to openly question the status quo. What he says here is true and accurate, and SOMEBODY needs to be one of the first to publicly call it like it is if any hope of change is to start occurring. Religion & religious intolerance has been the scourge of mankind long before the Bible or Quran existed, it’s constant and unsettling, Carlin and others gave people a ‘foot in the door’ to start discussing such matters in public. If it wasn’t for George Carlin, this website might not even exist today!

“…the first three commandments—pure bullshit “Sabbath day,” “Lord’s name,” “strange gods.” Spooky language. Spooky language designed to scare and control primitive people. In no way does superstitious mumbo jumbo like this apply to the lives of intelligent, civilized human in the twenty-first century….”

True Religion is a mental illness – Religious Delusional Disorder

Demons in Religion

The link between believing religion is true and schizophrenia is very strong. 24% of schizophrenics report religious visions, delusions, demon possession, talks with God, or belief they are a Prophet. Today we know these people are mentally ill .. but thousands of years ago, people believe otherwise. So, it is not surprising that religious narratives from that time period are full of Prophets, visions, talks with God and people possessed by Demons! What is surprising is that people today, believe those narratives are true, and such supernatural events occur regularly. Just the other day I had a conversation with a woman who truly believed schizophrenia was caused by demon possession, even referred to definitions on WebMD to substantiate her claim. She was so deluded into believing her Bible was true in every word, that she grossly mis-interpreted what was written on WebMB, and there was no way to convince her otherwise. I pointed out that if a schizophrenic says they are possessed by a demon, that doesn’t mean that a demon is causing that person’s schizophrenia … but this woman had to find twisted facts to support what was written in her Bible. A fine example of Religious Delusional Disorder.

Religion is accepted on faith, the faithful can state that they have faith that their religious narrative is true. However once a person is convinced it is true, they have transmuted faith & belief into truth … this is a dangerous delusion, and one that is VERY common today. True Believers are mentally ill, Religious Delusional Disorder affects all religious extremists, bible thumpers and the like. Instead of being dealt with as other mental illnesses are today, it is not. This can be attributed to 2 very opposed social programs, one being Freedom of Religion and the other being Religious Dictatorship (one forced religion and its associated laws). In such social environments, its not politically correct to call a spade a spade .. in fact, doing so might get you stoned to death, the apex of craziness and the evil side of religion.

One day such religious obsession & generational brainwashing will be recognized for the mental illness it is: Religious Delusional Disorder or more simply defined with a single new word, as coined by Richard Dawkins in his book The God Delusion: “relusion”