Fred Phelps – already dead, now begins to rot …

Fred Phelps, one of the walking dead for many years is no longer here on earth for our homophobic entertainment. After serving God for many years, God has plugged the plug on the Westboro Baptist Church Homophobe Show ….which has held the #1 position on the Top 100 Delusional Religion Entertainment (1) list for the past 10 years. Fred’s angry half dead comic demeanor will be sadly missed, his ability to deliver dry satire was like no other preacher before him. Off to the pearly gates you go Fred, let’s see if God lets you in, LOL !!!

Fred’s life was a full one, everyday he was eager to wake up and spread his angry filth, spewing rancid diatribes from his zombie dead butt ugly face (man, is this guy Skeletor incarnate or what?).

Ironically, after distastefully picketing the funerals of US Veterans for many years. The Westboro Baptist Church asked the public not to picket Fred Phelps funeral (ok, stop rolling on the floor in laughter). In fact Paul Horner who is a spokesman for the Westboro Baptist Church boldy stated: “Show the man some respect on his journey into Heaven,…..No fags better show up with signs thinking that they’re being clever either. Any fag caught protesting this great man’s funeral will get sued. This is their only warning so I won’t be repeating myself anytime soon.”. The Ironical Satire here is unprecedented…even in death Westboro Baptist Church is hold strong at the #1 spot still!

Fred’s final words…

Everyone likes to get in on the act, LOL!!! Oh, Fred, you will be missed.

(1) “Top 100 Delusional Religion Entertainment(c) 2014″ is the copyrighted property of, don’t mess with it, embrace it.

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