Lauren Drain banished from Westboro Baptist Church!

When in a cult, don’t ask too many questions about their bizare beliefs and practices … or your own family will eject you. Lauren Drain’s father married into the Westboro Baptist church when she was 15, when she began to question the hatred spew of the WBC, her own father told her she had been... Read More »

Flashback: 1992 Pope admits scripture can not be taken literally…

Flashback to November 4, 1992 Pope John Paul II finally vindicates Galileo, who was unjustly imprisoned on charges of heresy in 1633 for claiming the Earth orbited the Sun. Intelligent thinking was squelched by Holy Scripture, stomped out, thrashed and refuted. Galileo was imprisoned for the remainder of his life for only stating what he... Read More »

Virgin birth is NOT a miracle, it’s common

1% of American woman report giving birth despite being virgins. Virgin birth is not a miracle, its either common or we are dealing with a lot of lying whores. Researchers favor the later being true, even for people named Mary.  Have no fear, for God’s word on the subject: “Jesus was not no son of... Read More »

News Alert: God will not be changing conception rules

Breaking news, God will not be changing the rules of conception. As marriage laws evolve, God wants everyone to know that he has no intention of changing the long standing rules of conception. Conception will continue to only occur between a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg, as originally intended. Please ignore the moronic self-righteous... Read More »

Arizona Relgious Freedom hate mongering

In Arizona, professed doctrines of religious belief are superior to the law of the land, and permit every citizen to become a law maker unto himself … cite a Bible verse, and interpret a new law that takes precedent over mortal laws of man! Religious Liberty applies to beliefs, not to practices that are illegal.... Read More »

Popping eyeballs for Allah!

Muslim Sufi exemplify the delusional insanity associated with religion, in what World could this be normal behavior? Ajmer, India:  Sufi Muslims self-flagellate themselves by plucking out their eyeballs in celebration of Mohammad’s grandson being killed in a religious war in 680 AD … it’s not even worth explaining why, LOL! In Muslim cultures, mentally ill... Read More »

Aliens visited Mohammad – PROOF!!!

The Quran has no requirement that women cover themselves like this. It has been claimed that Alien space suits inspired this stylish look. Just as Joseph Smith (Mormonism) and L Ron Hubbard (Scientology) met with Aliens who told him the true secrets of God and religion … it would be foolish to believe that the... Read More »

True Religion is a mental illness – Religious Delusional Disorder

The link between believing religion is true and schizophrenia is very strong. 24% of schizophrenics report religious visions, delusions, demon possession, talks with God, or belief they are a Prophet. Today we know these people are mentally ill .. but thousands of years ago, people believe otherwise. So, it is not surprising that religious narratives... Read More »

Delusional thinking is dangerous

Blind faith acceptance of religious narratives requires delusional behavior to support that faith. Consider that 33% Americans do not believe in evolution and are adamant that all living things have existed in their current form since the beginning of time, no sane person with a high school education should believe such nonsense, but religion can... Read More »

when God comes to visit

When God revels himself to you, it will be important to know what he looks like, so you don’t think he is some crazy nutcase. Luckily, others have painted his image on Church walls, therefore an infallible image. However, one must choose which image is the right one, there are many, all different … but... Read More »