The Big Guy is pissed! He hath mistakenly created GodFuckers,  delusional Fools and self proclaimed Prophets who easily sow man-made religion to his most moronic self-righteous creations. These GodFuckers are the very definition of evil, wearing the unauthorized disguise of God. The website name might seem harsh and profane .. but that is the true nature of these evil people, they are the GodFuckers!

GodFucker.com is dedicated to opening a politically correct discussion concerning the insanity within religion, exposing the Evil within religion today, and identifying the damage it does to all cultures in around the World. To understand this website, one must understand that Religious Narratives do not create Gods and Gods do not create Religious Narratives. People create Religious Narratives and the religions defined by them. Religious Narratives are False, they ALL describe FALSE Religions, none have been officially authorized by God (the true Word of God).

The ‘Official Word of God’ will be found among the common sense of humanity, some of which will be posted on this Official God website for all to read.

It’s true because the Bible says so, end of discussion!

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