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Lauren Drain banished from Westboro Baptist Church!

When in a cult, don’t ask too many questions about their bizare beliefs and practices … or your own family will eject you. Lauren Drain’s father married into the Westboro Baptist church when she was 15, when she began to question the hatred spew of the WBC, her own father told her she had been... Read More »

Boko Haram converts 100′s of underage girls into Muslim sex slaves

International outrage continues to build over Boko Haram’s abduction of Nigerian school girls, who he plans to sell as sex slaves to other Muslim perverts. After abducting them, a gun point conversion to Islam was provided, Allah is so proud to see new Muslims and see those follow in the footsteps of the pervert prophet... Read More »

Fred Phelps – already dead, now begins to rot …

Fred Phelps, one of the walking dead for many years is no longer here on earth for our homophobic entertainment. After serving God for many years, God has plugged the plug on the Westboro Baptist Church Homophobe Show ….which has held the #1 position on the Top 100 Delusional Religion Entertainment (1) list for the... Read More »