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In Texas, by law, dead women are used as baby making machines

This foul law came about because Texas legislators wanted to control a woman’s choice….even if she was dead. Such stupid obscene laws and twisted logic that can justify turning a corpse into a baby making machine … all come from obsessed religious extremists who need to control others in an attempt to satisfy their compulsions.... Read More »

Life is not Sacred, Kill for God

George Carlin’s routine later in life was more of a political social agenda, … age does make one wiser and more confident to openly question the status quo. What he says here is true and accurate, and SOMEBODY needs to be one of the first to publicly call it like it is if any hope... Read More »

True Religion is a mental illness – Religious Delusional Disorder

The link between believing religion is true and schizophrenia is very strong. 24% of schizophrenics report religious visions, delusions, demon possession, talks with God, or belief they are a Prophet. Today we know these people are mentally ill .. but thousands of years ago, people believe otherwise. So, it is not surprising that religious narratives... Read More »

Delusional thinking is dangerous

Blind faith acceptance of religious narratives requires delusional behavior to support that faith. Consider that 33% Americans do not believe in evolution and are adamant that all living things have existed in their current form since the beginning of time, no sane person with a high school education should believe such nonsense, but religion can... Read More »

when God comes to visit

When God revels himself to you, it will be important to know what he looks like, so you don’t think he is some crazy nutcase. Luckily, others have painted his image on Church walls, therefore an infallible image. However, one must choose which image is the right one, there are many, all different … but... Read More »